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BioMedical Industry Advisory Group Submission to CIPIH

The Biomedical Industry Advisory Group has provided a substantial submission to the Commission on Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation and Public Health (CIPIH).

The submission calls upon political leaders to improve the R&D environment for neglected diseases.

As a crucial first step, political leaders must set a public health agenda to establish targeted policies. With these in place, biomedical companies R&D can help address the need for improved therapies through a series of initiatives:

Ensuring Markets for New Drugs and Vaccines

The International Task Force on Global Public Goods has received the paper it commissioned from Ron Ridker, which looks at the options for advance market commitments to increase incentives for the development of new drugs and vaccines.

The paper concludes that an advance market commitment could be effective both for late stage and early stage products, and makes recommendations about how it might be taken forward by the international community.

You can see the paper here.

MCC Board Approves Honduras Proposal

A month after the MCC signed its first compact with Madagascar, the Board of Directors has approved a compact with Honduras. The five-year $215 million compact approved on May 20 aims to boost rural development and revamp a weak transportation infrastructure.

Is A Theraputic Vaccine More Likely for HIV?

Researchers are increasingly hoping that it may be possible to discover a a vaccine to treat, instead of prevent, HIV.

"It could have a big impact on the epidemic," said Rama Rao Amara, an Emory researcher working on a therapeutic vaccine. "It's possible you could take three shots and that would be it."

"Only a vaccine can end the epidemic," said Dr. Seth Berkley, president of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative in New York City.

GSK in New Malaria Vaccine Trial

GSK logoGSK has launched new trials of its candidate anti-malaria vaccine. Manhica Health Research Centre coordinator Betuel Sigauque told Reuters the new trials would involve 220 newborn babies in the rural Manhica district, 75 km (47 miles) from the capital Maputo.

Governance Matters, or Does It?

World Bank governance experts Daniel Kaufmann and Aart Kraay presented findings from their latest research, "Governance Matters IV: Governance Indicators for 1996-2004" at a CGD event on May 18. The study, written with another economist, Massimo Mastruzzi, provides updated information on six key dimensions of governance for 209 countries in 2004. This fourth version of the research draws from the most comprehensive set of governance indicators yet developed.

MCC Board Meets on Honduras Compact

The Board of Directors of the Millennium Challenge Corporation will meet Friday, May 20, from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm at the State Department. Most of the meeting will be devoted to a review of Honduras' MCA compact proposal. The first 15 to 20 minutes will be open to the public. Board Chair Condoleezza Rice and CEO Paul Applegarth will speak during the open session.
Check the notice of meeting for more details

MCC's First Year of Operations - GAO Report Highlights

For two days, April 26 and 27, the United States Congress held hearings on the Millennium Challenge Corporation, for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the House International Relations Committee, respectively. The Congress wanted a full report on the MCC's first year of operations.
In his introductory remarks during the HIRC hearing, Chairman Henry Hyde (IL), expressed some growing concern about the MCC's progress: