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Wall Street Journal on Advance Market Commitments

Wall Street JournalThe Wall Street Journal today reported on prospects for Advance Market Commitments. The page 4 article, "Advance-Purchase Contracts Could Be Cure for Vaccine Sellers", (subscribers only), reviews ideas presented in "Making Markets for Vaccines", published by the Center for Global Development. The Journal says:

Anna Mkapa on Health Research

Mama Anna MkapaAnna Mkapa, wife of the President of Tanzania, spoke at a symposium on Tanzania-Duke University collaboration, held at the Duke University Medical Centre yesterday.

"The sad thing is that there is in the world the technological know how and the financial resources to significantly lift the burden of diseases from the countries such as Tanzania," she said.

Bioshield and Wild-Card Patents

Wall Street JournalToday's Wall Street Journal has this article about the proposed new legislation, dubbed Bioshield II, designed to create incentives for medical research and development, targeted mainly at bioterrorism agents but also including infectious diseases.