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Economics & Marginalia: January 2022

Can 2022 really only be two weeks old? I can’t really tell if the problem is that it feels old or that I feel old, but either way it seems like January has been a couple of months long already.

2021: Not Quite the Best of Times. Not Quite the Worst of Times

As the year draws to a close, the temptation to claim wisdom from adversity and experience becomes irresistible. We did it last year, by exploring what we learnt while the world burned around us. 2021 was perhaps a marginal improvement: not quite the best of times, but not quite the worst of times, either. But for us here in London, it’s ending just about where it started, with a new variant and a holiday season imperilled by the shadow of Coronavirus. While we anxiously wait for the latest lateral flow test to pass its sentence, we reflect on the good and bad of the year.