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European AIDS Ambassadors Come to Washington

Recognizing that a global epidemic requires a global response, 5 European AIDS Ambassadors came to Washington this week to strengthen transatlantic cooperation in the global fight against HIV/AIDS. At a public event co-sponsored by CGD and CSIS, Ambassadors from Belgium, France, Norway, the Netherlands, and Sweden emphasized that European and American policymakers largely agreed on how AIDS programs should be designed and delivered.

Baltimore Sun Op-Ed Endorsing AMC Pilot

Check out the Baltimore Sun op-ed by Orin Levine (Executive Director of PneumoADIP) and Michael Klag (Dean of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health) endorsing a pilot advance market commitment for a pneumococcal vaccine. And for more information, see GAVI's new AMC fact sheet (.pdf).

Notes from Nairobi on World AIDS Day

We were fortunate to attend a World AIDS Day event in Nairobi this morning sponsored by the National AIDS Control Council, the Kenyan government's HIV/AIDS coordinating body. It was a celebration of sorts - dancing and singing, balloons and banners. Speakers, including the Minister of Health and Vice President, noted that Kenya has seen a recent drop in its prevalence rate, albeit a small one. They attributed part of this achievement to a strong partnership with civil society. And indeed, there was a strong civil society presence at the event. Community-based organizations from all over Kenya had booths displaying their work and the representatives of these groups spoke knowledgeably about programs in prevention, treatment and care.

Another bold step by Thailand in combatting HIV/AIDS

Even though the TRIPS agreement and the subsequent Doha declaration contain public health safeguards that allow developing countries to produce or import generic medicines, the reality is that few countries have had the political will and technical support to use those safeguards. That's why it's especially encouraging that earlier this week, Thailand's government announced it would issue a compulsory license for the antiretroviral drug Efavirenz, currently patented there by Merck.

New HIV/AIDS Buffer Stock Service for Africa

Here's an idea that's easy to like: Set up a warehouse in Johannesburg stocked with AIDS drugs that can be shipped on an emergency basis to virtually any country in Africa when treatment program runs out of supplies.