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Funding the Global Fund: Passing the $10B mark and Beyond

Perhaps as a build up to the Global Fund's second replenishment process, which is in full swing in Oslo this week, there has been quite a buzz about new money for the Global Fund moving its assets to over 10 billion dollars. Two weeks ago, the Global Fund announced that with its newly pledged historic contribution of US$724 million for FY07, the United States contributions and commitments now total at US$3 billion, which constitutes 29% of all paid in contributions and firm pledges. Japan has also stepped up to the plate with a recent contribution:

Wireless for Success

What do you observe about mobile phones when you travel in Africa and Asia? It's not just that everybody is on their mobile phone; they are on their mobile phones all the time, messaging their way through their day. Capitalizing on this fast-spreading communication technology in the developing world, PEPFAR's latest foray into a private-public partnership to move information up and down the health service delivery chain is commendable.

Advance Market Commitment for Vaccines To Be Announced in Rome

Reuters reported Wednesday that a group of wealthy countries including Italy, Britain, Canada and Norway will announce in Rome on Friday a $1.5 billion advance market commitment to purchase vaccines to prevent pneumococcus, which kills more than a than a million kids each year in the developing world, through illnesses such as pneumonia and meningitis.

European AIDS Ambassadors Come to Washington

Recognizing that a global epidemic requires a global response, 5 European AIDS Ambassadors came to Washington this week to strengthen transatlantic cooperation in the global fight against HIV/AIDS. At a public event co-sponsored by CGD and CSIS, Ambassadors from Belgium, France, Norway, the Netherlands, and Sweden emphasized that European and American policymakers largely agreed on how AIDS programs should be designed and delivered.

Baltimore Sun Op-Ed Endorsing AMC Pilot

Check out the Baltimore Sun op-ed by Orin Levine (Executive Director of PneumoADIP) and Michael Klag (Dean of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health) endorsing a pilot advance market commitment for a pneumococcal vaccine. And for more information, see GAVI's new AMC fact sheet (.pdf).