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A Woodstock Moment for Malaria

Excuse me if I chuckle at the analogy between a 3-day meeting on malaria and Woodstock, or even the Oscars. I mean really, as one of my colleagues says, how could Woodstock measure up to malaria? There has been a certain amount of ceremony - starting with the stagey introductions that emanate from behind the tall curtains - and a rock-star build-up to the presence of Bill and Melinda Gates at the meeting this morning.

Christine Gorman: Leaving TIME for a New Start in Global Health

Our friend and fellow blogger Christine Gorman has announced that she is leaving her position at TIME magazine at the end of this week, after 22 years. She's apparently caught the global health bug in a big way, and is going to pursue more learning, more action and (hopefully) more writing about how to tackle the great health and humanitarian challenges of our time. Christine will be an occasional contributor to TIME on international health and consumer issues, and has her own website.