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Wireless for Success

What do you observe about mobile phones when you travel in Africa and Asia? It's not just that everybody is on their mobile phone; they are on their mobile phones all the time, messaging their way through their day. Capitalizing on this fast-spreading communication technology in the developing world, PEPFAR's latest foray into a private-public partnership to move information up and down the health service delivery chain is commendable.

Christine Gorman: Leaving TIME for a New Start in Global Health

Our friend and fellow blogger Christine Gorman has announced that she is leaving her position at TIME magazine at the end of this week, after 22 years. She's apparently caught the global health bug in a big way, and is going to pursue more learning, more action and (hopefully) more writing about how to tackle the great health and humanitarian challenges of our time. Christine will be an occasional contributor to TIME on international health and consumer issues, and has her own website.

Advance Market Commitment for Vaccines To Be Announced in Rome

Reuters reported Wednesday that a group of wealthy countries including Italy, Britain, Canada and Norway will announce in Rome on Friday a $1.5 billion advance market commitment to purchase vaccines to prevent pneumococcus, which kills more than a than a million kids each year in the developing world, through illnesses such as pneumonia and meningitis.