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The Make or Break EU-Africa Summit

In the run up to the start of a long-awaited summit between the African Union (AU) and the European Union (EU), CGD colleagues will be setting out their thoughts on what needs to happen for the relationship between the two contintents to be reset as a “true partnership of equals.”

Can this summit achieve what it originally set out to? The future wellbeing of both continents depends on it.

Lagos to Mombasa

Lagos to Mombasa: How Do We Accelerate EU-Africa Investment?

CGD’s Mikaela Gavas joins Gyude to discuss barriers to private investment in health and infrastructure projects and how a new initiative—an Accelerator Hub—could help local businesses and institutions in Africa develop financially viable proposals and connect them with investors.

A map of Africa inside EU stars

The EU Migration Pact: Building a True Partnership with Africa

The current state of migration cooperation between Africa and Europe is far from this ideal. True partnerships should focus on promoting economic opportunity in countries of origin and expanding legal pathways, both from Africa to Europe and within the continent. Currently, African governments are left responding to Europe’s short-term thinking without collaboration towards long-term mutual gain—a scenario that undermines the potential for joint initiatives that can benefit both Africa and the EU.