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Finance Minister: Bangladesh Government Will Not Take Ownership Control of Grameen Bank

This weekend, the dignitaries of public finance gathered in Washington for the annual meetings of the World Bank and IMF. On Monday morning, the U.S. Bangladesh Advisory Council and the Trade, Aid, and Security Coalition, and the Asia Society took advantage of the presence of Bangladesh's finance minister, A.M.A. Muhith, and central bank governor, Atiur Rahman, hosting them for a public discussion.

The Smartest RCT Critic

I suppose it is a measure of the power of randomized trials (RCTs) that arguments about their pros and cons continue to ricochet in the blogosphere. A fortnight ago, Philip Auerswald at The Coming Prosperity posted under the title, "Why Randomized Controlled Trials Work in Public Health...and Not Much Else." He elicited a high-quality comment stream.