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Chased on Euclid's Lofty Staircase

Yesterday, I posted a talk in which I invoked Euclid to show how all conclusions rest on assumptions. Soon after I finished that, I pulled a book off the shelf at home, one of those books I've been meaning to read for more years than I care to say. It opens by making the same point, with more elegance:

Six Distinctions in Mapping the Landscape of Data and Research

Last Thursday, I joined about 70 people at a meeting organized by CGAP in Washington, DC, on putting clients at the center. I was asked to lead off a session on the role of research. My talk aside, I was impressed with the quality of the presentations during the day. Jan Chipchase talked about his intense and remarkable work as a high-powered design consultant understanding the needs of clients all over the world.

Insider Update on Grameen Bank

I recently received an update on the Grameen Bank and the other Grameen organizations. The sender clearly has a point of view and asked to remain anonymous. But the text contains enough that is (for me) novel, factual, documented, and important that I think it worth sharing. Beyond the links provided, I cannot in general vouch for the accuracy of the text:

Open Brief Blog

Following SOP at CGD, I have drafted a brief to accompany my forthcoming book, which is now expected out in January. (Here's an example of a finished brief, for Mead Over's new book on AIDS.)

And following SOP on this open book blog, I'm sharing the draft with you. I'd welcome comments.