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History of Microfinance Impact Research by the Numbers

I gave a book talk last night at an event sponsored by CGAP and the Club de Microfinance de Paris. There were two excellent commentators (and no unexcellent ones): Florent Bédécarrats, who is finishing his Ph.D., and Jérémy Hajdenberg of I&P Conseil, which invests in microfinance. A central point of discussion was how to limit the harm from overly ample outside capital while protecting the constructive role that outsiders can play in building businesses and strengthening governance.

Akula Admits Error

Vikram Akula, who founded SKS Microfinance in India, and long aggressively defended it in the face of controversy, apparently has publicly stated that he made mistakes. I just have this fragment from a summary of the talk he gave at a Harvard Business School conference (HT @sushmitameka):