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Interest Rates by Region

Working on chapter 7 now, I just updated and refined this graph showing the distribution of microcredit interest rates by region. It is my attempt to convey the kind of information in Figure 1 of this report by Richard Rosenberg, Adrian Gonzalez, and Sushma Narain.

Withdrawals from Grameen Bank Accelerating

Contrary to the reassuring February 28 update I posted yesterday, there are reports of accelerating withdrawals from the Grameen Bank in the last couple of weeks. So far the numbers represent perhaps 0.3--3% of the bank's reported 103 billion taka ($1.46 billion) deposit base, which is worrying given the potential for rapid increase. News of withdrawals feeds withdrawals.

Chapter 2 Tweaked

I revised chapter 2 last fall. This time through (.docx, .pdf), I mostly worked to incorporate comments from the peer reviewers. In particular, I think I did a better job of summarizing the chapter at the start and end and linking explicitly to the book's main ideas.