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Insider Update on Grameen Bank

I recently received an update on the Grameen Bank and the other Grameen organizations. The sender clearly has a point of view and asked to remain anonymous. But the text contains enough that is (for me) novel, factual, documented, and important that I think it worth sharing. Beyond the links provided, I cannot in general vouch for the accuracy of the text:

Open Brief Blog

Following SOP at CGD, I have drafted a brief to accompany my forthcoming book, which is now expected out in January. (Here's an example of a finished brief, for Mead Over's new book on AIDS.)

And following SOP on this open book blog, I'm sharing the draft with you. I'd welcome comments.

San Isidro Dispatch: Village Banking in Costa Rica

I spoke last month at the annual Inter-American Forum on Microfinance (Foromic), which is sponsored by an arm of the Inter-American Development Bank called the Multilateral Investment Fund. (The MIF invests in the private sector while its parent lends to governments.) The conference took place outside San José, Costa Rica, in a resort off the highway to the airport.