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Real P2P vs. Virtual P2P

The demand for direct connection is baffling to me since most donors absolutely refuse direct connection to the people in need that are closest to them. Consider: how often do you or your friends take advantage of the opportunity to give directly and establish a connection by giving $20 to the guy standing at the corner with the cardboard sign saying, “Will Work for Food”?

Chapter 6! Development as Proven Poverty Reduction

I have just posted a draft of chapter 6 (.doc and .pdf). [Update: comments from Nancy Birdsall and Eben Lazarus incorporated.] More than any other so far, this draft incorporates text from this "open book" blog, forging a richer link between the two media. By the same token, regular readers of this blog will find less new in the chapter.

Kiva: The Play

You've read the blog post, scanned the tweets, digested the New York Times see the play. Or read it anyway:

BILL: Hey, what are you looking at there?

PENNEY: Huh? Oh, this? Just the most horrible news ever.

BILL: What? What happened?