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Chapter 2 main post: How the Other Half Finances

Aside from the "bookend" chapters (now there's an odd metaphor), this book is really a series of perspectives on microfinance: the historian's perspective, the microfinance manager's perspective, the economist's perspective, and so on. The first perspective, in chapter 2 (.doc .pdf), is that of poor clients.

Chapter 1 main post: Introduction and overview

As I conceive it, Chapter 1 (.doc .pdf) motivates, introduces, and summarizes the book. Not surprisingly, I drafted this chapter first--back in June, in order to present the book ideas to my CGD colleagues. Since then I have written and learned much more. Once the rest of the book is drafted, I will return to this chapter and make it do a better job of distilling and communicating the conclusions.

Summary and outline

Here are a short pitch and a working outline for my book. I will hotlink this entry to chapter drafts as I post them. You can also find drafts via the "Contents" list on the right margin of the blog home page.

Help me write this book

I am using this blog to share the process of writing my book about microfinance (the mass production of small-scale financial services for the poor). The book asks and attempts to answer bottom-line questions about what we know about the impacts of microfinance and what that implies for how governments, foundations, and investors should support it.