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Quick Microsavings Tour in Foreign Policy

A recent op-ed in the Boston Globe argues that microlending "doesn't actually do much to fight poverty" and that it may be time to "think macro rather than micro." Maybe the hype surrounding microcredit as a panacea for everything from poverty to discrimination is undeserved. But debunking the whole bottom-up, micro approach on the basis of two unpublished papers is not just premature, but dangerous. Macro, trickle-down development policies have rather effectively kept billions of people poor for decades.

Sweden Tops 2009 Commitment to Development Index

I haven't blogged much in the last week because other things have occupied me. After helping my San Francisco sister celebrate a significant birthday of undisclosed number, I had a great visit to Kiva's headquarters (stay tuned). Over the weekend I taught dance for the first time (very satisfying, and under redwoods so awe-inspiring I can only call them sacred). I had a passing encounter with my family in DC.