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Four Great Microfinance Books

Savaging Dambisa Moyo's Dead Aid yesterday left an ugly aftertaste. To cleanse my palette, I offer a list of fantastic books on microfinance. All are written by intelligent and deeply thoughtful people who have immersed themselves in their subject. They think and write with clarity and sensitivity. In no particular order:

Pardon Our Appearance

Last Thursday night, CGD moved all of its blogs to a new software platform, which is still under (re)construction. Those of you watching on the RSS channel may have been bewildered by a spray of August 2008 posts from young people in Liberia. Sorry about that. Circumstances beyond my control, etc. Things are returning to normal.

Todd v. Panjaitan

In chapter 2 and in this "what I'm reading" post, I quote the work of Helen Todd, who with her husband spent a year, basically 1992, living amid and studying in two villages in Bangladesh. Her book about the experience is a superbly written ethnographic study, albeit of an unrepresentative sample that excludes women who dropped out of Grameen Bank after less than ten years.