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The New FCDO Health System Strengthening Position Paper – Too Good to be True? Three Recommendations to Ensure Impact

We congratulate the FCDO on the landmark paper on Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) and offer three recommendations for implementation: 1) further clarify strategic priorities, for example by articulating a poverty focus and prioritising partnership with low-and middle-income governments; 2) place greater emphasis on joined-up approaches to avoid fragmenting health systems; and 3) set up a monitoring framework to ensure impact.

Progress and Priorities in Promoting Transparency along the COVID-19 Vaccine Value Chain

CGD co-hosted an online event in November with the U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre to discuss the progress and challenges in pursuit of a transparent and equitable roll out of COVID-19 vaccine. Following on earlier calls for transparency, this event built on new research from U4 and pointed to two main areas of progress as well as two priorities going forward.

We Should Prepare for an Omicron COVID-19 Wave by Prioritising Cost-Effective Essential Emergency Critical Care Now

The new Omicron variant of COVID-19  may be more transmissible and more capable of evading vaccines than older variants due to its high number of mutations. There is a real concern that it could spread rapidly throughout the world and lead to another wave  of critically ill patients in low-and middle income countries (LMICs), where vaccine coverage remains low.

The Collateral Health Impacts of COVID-19: a Disproportionate Impact on Girls and Women

In this recent policy paper, we examined 247 studies published between January and March 2021 that contained empirical analyses and covered gender-focused aspects of mental health, COVID-19 knowledge, attitudes and practices, COVID-19 clinical outcomes, maternal and child health, and sexual and reproductive health. We find that the pandemic causes disproportionate negative impacts on the well-being of women and girls relative to that of men and boys. This blog summarises the main considerations.

Timeline of key events and milestones

Lessons for R&D and Manufacturing Investment for Equitable COVID-19 and Pandemic Response

We conducted a joint review of the portfolio management activities of the committee overseeing COVAX R&D and manufacturing investments, known as RDMIC (R&D and Manufacturing Investment Committee). Our aim was to assess learnings from investments to date and suggest ways to strengthen future global health security preparedness and prevent the inequities observed in the COVID-19 response from repeating.

Beyond Aid: Sources of Finance for Global Health Security

Twenty months into the COVID-19 pandemic, there is broad agreement that more and smarter international financing is needed to respond to the current pandemic and to prepare for the next global health threat.  The G20 independent panel report and this blog, among others, highlight the priorities for the uses and needed characteristics of the funding, but now to the next hard question – how to raise the money?  What are the sources of revenue beyond ODA that could contribute to the proposed Global Health Threats Fund?

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Financing Pandemic Preparedness and Response: the Role of Germany and the US

In light of this current global health challenge, the Center for Global Development (CGD) and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) have launched a series of events to strengthen the understanding and ties between German and US policy makers, experts, and civil society organizations. The first private rountable, “Financing Pandemic Preparedness and Response – the role of Germany and the US”, was held on July 9th 2021 under the Chatham House Rule. This blog highlights some of the main discussion points and outlines areas of cooperation.