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The Benefits and Challenges of Developing and Revising Health Benefits Packages: Insights From Technical Experts in Eleven Low- and Middle-Income Countries

We worked with the Joint Learning Network (JLN) Efficiency Collaborative to gain insights from Collaborative members who represent technical staff and decision-makers working at the heart of health benefit packages development and revisions in eleven low-and middle-income countries in Africa and Asia. This blog summarizes the initial results from a survey conducted earlier this year to capture their views and experiences on the HPB development and updating process.

The Collateral Health Impacts of COVID-19: a Disproportionate Impact on Girls and Women

In this recent policy paper, we examined 247 studies published between January and March 2021 that contained empirical analyses and covered gender-focused aspects of mental health, COVID-19 knowledge, attitudes and practices, COVID-19 clinical outcomes, maternal and child health, and sexual and reproductive health. We find that the pandemic causes disproportionate negative impacts on the well-being of women and girls relative to that of men and boys. This blog summarises the main considerations.

C19 Economics site

Three Key Gaps in the Health Economics Research on COVID-19, and Why It Matters

The online platform C19economics was created to support researchers and decision makers by collating the health economic literature published on the COVID-19 pandemic into an easily searchable repository. After reviewing the literature, we found three notable gaps in coverage in terms of geographical focus and topic areas. 

An image of many Covid vaccine bottles.

Can Serology Tests and Seroprevalence Surveys Inform a More Effective Vaccine Roll Out?

Vaccines have become a central instrument of our long-term response to the pandemic. Vaccination campaigns have now started around the world and will confer significant direct protection against infection, severe illness, and death to those inoculated. It may also protect against transmission, though robust evidence is yet to be confirmed.

An image of an African doctor wearing protective mask and gloves using tablet working in clinic.

The New A Platform to Support the Generation and Use of Health Economics Research to Tackle COVID-19

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, the scientific community has worked around the clock to produce evidence to support decision-makers in all aspects of pandemic management. As of April 2021, there are more than 78,000 articles published in peer reviewed journals and pre-prints (as indexed by Those unprecedented collective research efforts have supported decisionmakers across the world on some of the toughest choices in decades, from closing economies, to procuring vaccines and medical supplies and equipment, and preparing for the uncertain year ahead.