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A Platform to Support the Researchers and Decision-makers Generating and Using Health Economics Research to Tackle COVID-19

Since the beginning of the outbreak, the scientific community has worked around the clock to produce evidence to support decision-makers in all aspects of COVID management. However, health economics research has been largely missing from this growing literature. The platform has been launched to support policymakers (and their advisers) and researchers working on health economics for COVID, with a focus on LMICs.

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Getting to Convergence: How “Vertical” Health Programs Add Up to A Health System

Historically, donors and multilateral organisations have channelled funding in health through vertical disease programs, typically focussed on one disease area and a set of short- and medium-term objectives. We, and others, have argued that the “convergence” of verticals into a set of essential health benefits with pooled domestic and external funding to support its financing and delivery is the way ahead.

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The COVID-19 Multi-model Comparison Collaboration Releases Its First Two Outputs

Since April 2020, a group of national governments, funders, and development partners supporting COVID-19 responses in low- and middle-income countries have been working together as the COVID-19 Multi-model Comparison Collaboration (CMCC) to support the use of epidemiological models during the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, the CMCC releases its first two outputs—an important step towards enhancing the informed use of models in COVID-related policymaking.

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Healthcare Technologies and COVID-19: Speed is Not Always a Good Thing

With a focus on tests, treatments, and a vaccine, we take a look at the emerging global clinical and economic evidence-base underpinning some of these technologies, the mechanisms (mostly global) for financing these commodities, and, finally, the decision-making processes for selecting technologies. This includes identifying the right subpopulations and negotiating a cost-effective tiered price across countries and regions.