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An image of COVID patients and a doctor in Africa.

Plus ça change: COVID-19 and Its Collateral Impact during the Vaccine Era

Over the past year we partnered with researchers in Kenya, the Philippines, South Africa, and Uganda to document, from a whole-of-health perspective, what we know about the nature, scale, and scope of COVID-19’s disruptions to essential health services in those countries, and the health effects of such disruptions. In a working paper released today, we build on a blog we published in March when we released working papers from each country team (the papers are available here: Kenya, the Philippines, South Africa, Uganda). In this new working paper, we summarize the results and lessons across the four countries in more detail.  We also tie together many of the blogs we have written on this topic over the past year (this series of blogs can be found here).

Charts show most research on pandemics doesn't mention priority-setting

Strategic Investments for COVID-19 and Future Epidemic Threats

Building upon our earlier blog post on COVID-19 and smart health spending in developing countries, we developed a presentation on some of our early thoughts and research findings—focused on current gaps and much needed areas of development in research and resources for better outbreak preparedness. Here are a few thoughts on important areas for new and sustained investment.

Image of hands showing participation

Hard Choices in Priority-Setting: Reconciling Technical Analysis and Public Participation

As countries reaffirm their commitments to achieving Universal Health Coverage, governments face extraordinary pressure to allocate scarce resources in a publicly justifiable manner. The growing list of available health interventions and increasing demand for health services mean that tough spending decisions have to be taken, with unavoidable trade-offs. How can such hard choices be made?