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What We Hope to Hear from Obama in the State of the Union

President Obama delivers his sixth State of the Union address tonight before Congress. The media is sure to make much of the fact that the president’s constitutionally encouraged remarks will fall on the ears of a GOP-led House and Senate for the first time since he took office in 2009. But here at CGD, we’ll be listening less for signals of congressional engagement and more for commitments to global engagement.

The 2014 US-Africa Leaders Summit by the Numbers

The first-ever US-Africa Leaders Summit wrapped up late last week. While it’s too early to calculate the real impact of the convocation, I wanted to log some of the more easily quantifiable information, ranging from the trivial to the (potentially) significant.

What’s Hot and Not for 2014

This is a joint post with Jenny Ottenhoff. 

Like many, we at CGD are using the start of 2014 to remember highlights of the past year and compile a wish list for the year to come. Here’s our best guess of what’s going to be hot and not in global development (and beyond) in 2014. Got a better dyad? Share it in the comments section below.