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Telling the Story of MCC’s Compacts in a New Way

Now that MCC has completed 18 compacts worth over $6 billion, many stakeholders are increasingly anxious to understand more about what these investments have actually achieved.  After all, a focus on results is a key component of MCC’s core model, and the agency is known for pushing the envelope in this area.  MCC’s rigorous ex-post evaluations will be the critical piece that tells the story about development impact, but the results of these studies aren’t usually available

MCC’s Board Discusses Climate Change: Here’s Why it Matters

MCC has long applied rigorous environmental safeguards and standards to its investments in partner countries.  And since President Obama’s September 2014 Executive Order on Climate-Resilient International Development, MCC (along with other key USG foreign assistance agencies) has been expanding  its efforts to ensure that it considers climate change risk—and, where possible, mechanisms for adaptation—in investment planning and execution

MCC Looking to Top $1 Billion in FY2016

The President’s FY2016 budget request is out with the biggest ask—$1.25 billion—MCC has seen in five years.  This is a nice vote of confidence for MCC, and it suggests that the administration is eager to see the agency strengthen its position now that it’s in its second decade of operations.  In the agency’s Congressional Budget Justification (CBJ), I was happy to see that MCC flags a number of important priorities for the coming year.  On