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The World Needs More Bad Schools

A commission led by the UN's special envoy for education, Gordon Brown, is calling for a doubling of global aid for education, without any clear reform agenda to raise learning levels in the world's failing school systems. That might be ok: bad schools in poor countries still seem to produce big benefits.

“Stunning Progress” or “Implausible and Invalid”: The Afghanistan Mortality Survey 2010?

Afghanistan accounted for 15 percent of all U.S. economic assistance allocated in FY2012, amounting to 2 billion dollars. USAID has contributed at least 15 billion in aid to Afghanistan since 2001, with cumulative investments in the health sector at nearly 1 billion. But the impact of these investments has been difficult to judge because of lack of reliable data and accurate measurement, leaving many wondering: What have these funds achieved? In particular, has this economic assistance improved the health of Afghans?