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AIDS Spending a Good Investment? Maybe Not

Video of the debate may be viewed here.

Yesterday was an exciting day for me. In a debate at the World Bank timed to coincide with the International AIDS Conference a colleague and I took an unpopular position against two development celebrities in front of a potentially hostile audience and changed some minds. The proposition was:

“Continued AIDS investment by donors and governments is a sound investment, even in a resource constrained environment”

Is AIDS Spending a Sound Investment in a Resource Constrained Environment?

This evening at 6:30 pm I will be participating in a debate on this topic which will be webcast to the International AIDS Society meetings and to the world at large. At the World Bank’s invitation, I have agreed to join Roger England on the negative.  Our opponents representing the affirmative will be Jeffrey Sachs, well known author and director of Columbia University’s Earth Institute, and Michel Sidibé, executive director of UNAIDS.

Storm Clouds and Silver Lining around US Funding for AIDS

Next week some 20,000 AIDS activists, practitioners and researchers from around the world will pour into Washington, DC to discuss new research and technologies at the International AIDS Conference (IAC). Meanwhile, fifteen blocks away on Capitol Hill, US policy makers will be grappling with policy issues that could have a significant impact on billions of dollars in global HIV/AIDS funding, of which the United States is by far the largest provider.

If the Global Health Donors Were Your Parents: A (Whimsical) Comparative Perspective

Navigating the global health funding landscape can be confusing even for global health veterans; there are scores of donors and multilateral funding mechanisms, each with its own particular structure, personality, and philosophy. For the uninitiated, PEPFAR, GAVI, PMI, WHO, the Global Fund, UNITAID, and the Gates Foundation can all appear obscure and intimidating. But if your head is spinning from acronym-induced vertigo, fear not! We are here to help you make sense of it all. How, you ask? With a clear method for donor identification: comparing the donors to your parents.

A Tale of Two Tipping Points – HIV/AIDS and USG Funding for Global Health

There is no doubt that the United States has shown tremendous leadership and brought about remarkable results in the global fight against AIDS over the past decade. U.S. investments through the Presidents Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) have strengthened overall health systems, built and sustained capacity to address HIV and a host of other diseases, and helped scale up treatment to save millions of lives.

Open Brief Blog

Following SOP at CGD, I have drafted a brief to accompany my forthcoming book, which is now expected out in January. (Here's an example of a finished brief, for Mead Over's new book on AIDS.)

And following SOP on this open book blog, I'm sharing the draft with you. I'd welcome comments.

Comments from Laurie Garrett on the AIDS Transition

Last week’s launch event for my book proved to be an entertaining and thought-provoking discussion on achieving an AIDS transition – the idea that ending the AIDS pandemic will require reducing the number of new infections below the number of AIDS deaths so that the total number of people with HIV/AIDS declines (for more details read the brief, listen to the