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Prevention Failure Redux: Unexpected Tradeoffs in HIV Testing, Prevention and Treatment

Last Monday, CGD posted my working paper entitled, "Prevention Failure: The Ballooning Entitlement Burden of U.S. Global AIDS Treatment Spending and What to Do About It." In response, I've received a number of e-mail comments on various aspects of the paper. A wonder of cyberspace is that I heard from far flung correspondents within hours after the working paper was posted. But the modern technology hasn't overcome the age-old problem of people interpreting an author differently than he intended.

WHO Takes One Step Forward, Two Steps Back on Malaria

Last week, my colleague April Harding blogged about the recent debates on the most effective strategies for increasing coverage of insecticide-treated nets. She took to task Dr. Arata Kochi, head of WHO's malaria program, for promoting free distribution campaigns rather than the multi-prong strategies recommended by his own organization, among others. Dr.