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Political Economy of UHC: Colombia Version

I’ve spent a lot of time in international meetings talking about the importance of universal health coverage (UHC), and the technical and practical considerations needed to bring UHC closer to reality.  But missing from these discussions is acknowledgement – if not guidance – around UHC’s complex political economy; that when we spend more on health, more is at stake for all the actors in the system. 

The Health Financing Transition: Inevitable Change for the Better?

In the paper, we show that health spending in most countries is very likely to increase – and for some very good reasons. Most countries are experiencing rising incomes, people are living longer, and medical care technologies continue to expand. In other words, much of that money is buying more health. It is also likely, but hardly inevitable, that most of that increased spending will be channeled through taxes or insurance premiums rather than out-of-pocket. If countries work for that to happen, health spending will be less burdensome to the sick and the poor.

Reviving the G-20 Infrastructure Agenda – Scott Morris

My guest on the Wonkcast this week is Scott Morris, a senior associate here at CGD and former deputy assistant secretary at the US Treasury, where he oversaw US ties with the multilateral development banks.

Scott recently led a study group of CGD colleagues and outside experts that reviewed G-20 efforts to increase financing for infrastructure in developing countries. The group produced a short note proposing five new deliverables for the G-20 on infrastructure finance. (See Scott’s blog post with Madeleine Gleave for an even shorter version.)