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Building a Foundation for DIBs: Why Philanthropists Should Get Involved

Foundations are not primarily interested in what they can “give” to contribute to development, but how they can make targeted investments and form effective partnerships with other development actors, as CGD in Europe colleagues and I heard last week at the meetings of the OECD Global Network of Foundations Working for Development, or netFWD.  

A Sneak Preview of MCC’s Annual Country Selection Process

MCC is expected to publish its annual country eligibility scorecards next week.  I always love this time of year.  While MCC’s annual selection process isn’t exactly new anymore, each year raises new issues and questions.  The perennial question--a fundamental question--is which countries are going to pass the indicator criteria?  Not all the data are publicly available yet, but some key indicators are.  As a preview, we ran the numbers on how countries stack up on the corruption and democracy “hard hurdle” indicators.  Based on this ini