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HFAC Approves Authorization Bill, Minus That Pesky Foreign Assistance Part

Yesterday the House Foreign Affairs Committee (HFAC) approved the FY2013 Foreign Relations Authorization Act that it hopes will be the first authorizing bill to pass Congress in a decade. The bill aims to provide direction and guidance to appropriators and the administration as they fund and execute U.S. foreign affairs. But before you pop your confetti canisters and congratulate HFAC on a bipartisan job well done, check the fine print.  The bill excludes foreign assistance—all of it.

Two for One Deal on Development Goals

One of the Rio Summit’s all-to-few accomplishments was language in the outcome declaration about an intergovernmental process to develop Sustainable Development Goals.  An "open working group" of 30 nations nominated by the five regional UN groups will come up with a list by September 2013.

India Has a New Approach to Improving State Performance in Health

A new pay-for-performance approach to spur the 35 states of India to perform better in the health sector was recently announced. For the first time, central government funding to individual states under the country's 'flagship' health program, the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), will depend on the state's performance. According to a Times of India news article, states that fail to perform on certain areas – primarily a more equitable distribution of doctors and nurses – will have their NRHM budget reduced, while states demonstrating performance on other areas, such as providing free generic drugs at public facilities, can earn additional outlays.