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Nancy Birdsall on Cash on Delivery (COD) Aid

Nancy Birdsall A little over a year ago, I invited Nancy Birdsall, founding president of the Center for Global Development, to join me on the Wonkcast to talk about her big new idea, Cash on Delivery Aid (COD Aid), an innovative approach to the delivery of foreign assistance. COD Aid has since gained a lot of traction, so I invited Nancy back to update us on recent developments, including a planned pilot program in Ethiopia.

DFID Rocks: A New UK AID Report Promises More Focus. Will the United States Follow?

This week the United Kingdom Secretary of State for International Development released new studies on how the UK plans to “change lives, deliver results.” The key messages – going forward, the Department for International Development (DFID) will be more focused and more selective, with more attention paid to evidence-based planning. If that has a familiar ring, you may recall hearing that U.S. programs needed to be more focused, selective, and evidence-based in a couple of recent U.S. reviews.