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Clinton Stresses the Need to Re-balance Health Assistance Away from AIDS Treatment

Secretary Hillary Clinton’s ’s vision of the future role of foreign assistance in US foreign policy, as outlined in her address hosted here at the CGD on January 6, is ambitious, nuanced and inspiring. Bill Easterly takes issue with Clinton’s list of priority interventions, saying that it is too long to be consistent with her stated intention to “target” and to be “selective,” but I disagree.

Is Money for Microcredit Killing Savings with Kindness?

As you are probably tired of hearing me say, I am evaluating microfinance from three perspectives. A pattern is emerging: microsavings looks pretty good in all three perspectives. The one randomized trial of savings returned a positive verdict from the perspective of development-as-proven-poverty-reduction. Meanwhile, fraud-free savings serves people much as credit does, yet without raising debt trap fears---good for development-as-freedom.

After the Plane Bomber, Where in the World is Nigeria's President?

This entry was also posted on the Huffington Post, AllAfrica, and Sahara Reporters.

Amid all the media frenzy around the Nigerian underwear bomber and how America should have stopped him before he tried to blow up a passenger plane on Christmas Day, a critical piece to the counter-terrorism puzzle seems to have been missed: where in the world is the Nigerian President?