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Turning the Tide through Better Prevention: Mead Over on the AIDS Transition

The Wonkcast is taking a brief summer vacation. We've selected this show from our archives- it was originally posted on May 25, 2010.

Even as the cost of treating HIV/AIDS has fallen dramatically, the number of people newly infected has remained high. What can be done to reverse this trend and finally defeat this disease? This week on the Wonkcast, I’m joined by Mead Over, a senior fellow here at the Center for Global Development and perhaps the world’s leading expert on the economics of HIV/AIDS. He has recently published two major essays, which introduce the concept of the “AIDS transition”—the point in time where the number of people living with the disease begins to fall. He argues persuasively that to reach this point, international donors must greatly strengthen incentives for effective prevention.

Does the Global Fund Reach the Most Marginalized and At-Risk Populations? (Postcard from Vienna)

Under the banner “Rights Here, Right Now,” the International AIDS Conference currently taking place in Vienna is committed to translating funding for human rights-based programming for HIV to address the stigma and discrimination that often impede an effective response. On Wednesday, Global Fund executive director Michel Kazatchkine and others participated in a session titled “The Global Fund: Proving Impact, Promoting Rights.”  The majority of their discussion focused on how the Global Fund can better address t

AIDS Conference Opening Is Uninspiring (Postcard from Vienna)

Not as large or energizing as previous AIDS conferences, the Vienna 2010 jamboree officially kicked off on Sunday night at the Messe Wien Center. Soothing classical music wafted through the auditorium, creating a somewhat surreal setting for a conference that will be characterized by frustration and bitterness about the world's flagging funding commitments to combating AIDS. Protestors gathered their banners and posters and marched through the auditorium shouting: "Broken Promises Kill. No Retreat.