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Efficiency: The Missing Link in Global Health

In a refreshing and necessary change from the last decade’s focus on more money, the 2010 World Health Report —released yesterday by the WHO—focuses part of its attention on the problem of health system inefficiencies, estimating that 20% to 40% of all health spending ($1.5 trillion USD) is currently wasted. The report indicates that this level of waste—a combined result of poorly used inputs and corruption/fraud—is of similar magnitude in both poor and wealthy countries.

India Described as "Borderline Unstable" in Just-Released QDDR Powerpoint!

I am noting with some amusement that India is labeled "Borderline Unstable" on a map of fragile states, borrowed from Foreign Policy and the Fund for Peace, and asterisked with a "Not an official USG Product" (which I am not sure lets the State Department off the hook).  Borderline unstable? Really QDDR?

This is what President Obama said on his recent trip to India when he addressed the U.S.-India Business Council: