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Sustaining Dutch Commitment to Development

This is a joint post with Julie Walz and originally appeared on The Broker Website.

The new Dutch government plans to cut spending on foreign aid from 0.8% to 0.7% of gross national income. Of course, by international standards, the Netherlands will remain one of the most generous nations when it comes to foreign aid: only a handful of countries even come close to 0.7%. Still, the prospective cut raises questions: Is the Netherlands shirking its responsibilities to the developing world?

We would answer: It need not, even if aid is cut.

Revised Chapter 2

In my editing pass through the book, I've just finished with chapter 2, How the Other Half Finances (.docx, .pdf). I'm not entirely satisfied---I worry that it meanders---but I'll leave it for now. This chapter starts the book's approach to the grand question of whether microfinance works by looking at things from the clients' point of view.