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What's Really Happening in Andhra Pradesh

...the Indian microfinance story offers an irresistible parallel to a familiar Bollywood plot: in the Indian microfinance potboiler, the SHG model is the elder brother in an Indian joint family while the MFIs play the part of an aggressive younger brother. The elder brother struggles to uphold tradition and retain his leadership position, while the maverick younger brother tries to break free (using new financial and technology tools), often overenthusiastically, and sometimes recklessly, in pursuit of the same goals.

In Which I Testify off the Hill

We speak in the DC think tank biz about going to "testify on the Hill." You know what that means. Just now I testified off the Hill, before the City Council, in my capacity as someone who lives on the Hill. The local utility, PEPCO, is on the verge of spending $90 million to install "smart" meters in all DC homes. About half of that is stimulus money. I gather the meters will allow access to real-time information about energy usage.

Should Natural Disaster Victims Be Offered Safe Haven and Opportunity Abroad?

(Kaci Farrell contributed to this post and preparations for the roundtable)

Last week, I hosted a roundtable here at CGD to discuss how the United States and other rich countries might better provide safe haven and opportunity to potential migrants from developing countries that are in acute need—particularly the victims of natural disasters.

This question has been at the forefront of my mind since the earthquake ravaged Haiti on January 12.

If Medical Science Is Biased, What Does It Mean for Development…?

In “Lies, Damned Lies and Medical Science,” David H. Freedman profiles the work of Dr. John Ioannidis who studies the quality of medical research and finds it to be full of findings that range from misleading and overhyped to completely false. As concerned patients, this raises the big question of whether medical professionals can be trusted to give us good advice when the evidence base is so flawed.