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Zoellick Annual Meeting Speech on Research!

The most important thing about Robert Zoellick’s speech at Georgetown yesterday is that the president of the World Bank gave a speech about research – development economics research, that is --  in the run-up to the Bank’s annual meeting.

President Bush’s Enduring Legacy

Bipartisanship made a reappearance in a most unlikely place last Wednesday – at the podium of the United Nations.  In his address to the United National Millennium Development Goals Summit, President Obama unveiled his “new” approach to development, emphasizing a focus on results, investing in countries committed to their own development through sound governance and democracy, tapping the forces of the economic growth through entrepreneurship and trade, and the need for mutual accountability between developed and developing countries.  In doing so, he followed precisely in the footsteps of

Akula v. Yunus: Commercial Microcredit = Just Profit or Unjust Profiteering?

Did you catch the microcredit debate at the Clinton Global Initiative conference last Tuesday? OK, I wasn't invited to the ex-president's annual gathering either. But, rather amazingly, I watched the debate live on my Droid while being a soccer dad. You can watch the whole thing at the bottom of this post. It was a good show. It put on one stage the two leading (disagreeing) voices in the hottest controversy in microfinance.

Road Under Construction: What Does the PPD Mean for USAID?

President Obama and Secretary Clinton have been quite vocal in pledging to rebuild USAID into “the world’s premier development agency.”  The newly issued development policy does not make it clear just how that will happen, or if it will happen at all.

In general terms, any government agency is strong only to the extent that it has at least these three conditions:

Tempered Optimism on New U.S. Development Policy: Connie Veillette

After months of study, work, negotiation and anticipation, the Obama administration has announced its development policy. What’s new here and what are the chances of implementation? To find out, I chatted with Connie Veillette, who has recently joined the Center for Global Development as director of our Rethinking U.S. Foreign Assistance program.

Quick: What's the Grameen Bank's Interest Rate?

Something I've been fuzzy on is what interest rate the Grameen Bank charges. Seems like the sort of thing an aspiring microfinance expert should know.

Fortunately, the Grameen Bank is the world's best-documented microcreditor. One can, for example, quickly learn from the Bank's website that the rate is 16 percent.

Farewell Heather Haines! Welcome Allysun Jackson!

Among the many things that make CGD a great place to work is a steady flow of people in and out who are both kind and smart. We don’t usually use the CGD policy blogs to say farewell to those who are moving on, but in this case I’m declaring an exception.