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A Refreshingly Open Debate on the Value of Universal Access to AIDS Treatment for U.S. Foreign Policy

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) hosted a debate last Friday with the provocative title “Resolved: That the US commitment to universal HIV/AIDS treatment is unsustainable and decreases US leverage in the nations’ foreign policy.”  (Note: This resolution which you will hear debated is edgier and has more foreign policy content than the one you will see when you click on the above link.)  Moderated by

Death of a Microfinance Institution

Four years ago, the Dutch bank ABN AMRO commissioned a report from CGD on what makes some microfinance institutions succeed as businesses. I wrote it with Uzma Qureshi. We began the project by networking, looking for good people to talk to and good institutions to learn from. Perhaps it was Beth Rhyne who pointed us to Gabriel Solorzano, the founding head of FINDESA in Nicaragua. We called him.