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MCC Budget Caught in the Crosshairs…Again

The House is set to mark up an FY2010 supplemental appropriations bill tomorrow that includes $45.5 billion in new funds and close to $12 billion in rescissions—including a $150 million cut to MCC’s FY2010 funds. Meanwhile, the same committees are tackling the full FY2011 appropriations bill, and we can expect additional MCC cuts. I don’t envy appropriators’ tough job to balance money and politics, but I also can’t understand why the MCC always seems to be caught in the crosshairs. While we wait for reviews and policy directives to bring clarity to the rest of U.S.

Behind the Headlines: Toronto Summit(s) and Development

The G-8 and G-20 summits held in Canada last week yielded few headlines on development issues, but there was plenty of rhetoric about global interdependence and poverty reduction and a handful of promising, if mostly modest, development initiatives just below the media’s radar.

As expected, the G-20 declaration focused on when and how to unwind stimulus programs that helped to avert a global economic collapse, and on strengthening regulation of the financial sector to avoid a repeat of the 2008–09 financial crisis.

A Novel Approach to Mobilizing SME Capital—Let the Private Sector Lead

No surprises on the G-20 front.  Deficits and financial sector reform dominated the headlines coming out of last weekend’s Toronto Summit.  Development appeared largely as an afterthought.  Even though my heart and head are hopelessly hitched to development policy, I think the focus was about right.  Ensuring robust recoveries in G-20 nations will do more to support growth in poor countries than endlessly rehashed debates about global aid flows.  Leave that for the UN MDG Summit this September.  That said, the G-20 did do something small worth highlighting.  Tucked away unobtrusively in the