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Cash on Delivery Aid…The Book!

Last week was a busy time in Washington for those interested in results-focused approaches to foreign aid, with two major events, one here at CGD and one at the World Bank.

Who Inflated the Microcredit Bubbles?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote:

If there were not so much finance for microfinance, the industry's weaknesses would not be so dangerous. Yes, the industry should reform, for example by setting up credit bureaus. But these things are easier said than done and take time. Hypergrowth robs the industry of time.

MCC Board Meeting Readout: Five-Year Impact Evaluations; Four Policy Priorities; Three New Hires; Two Points on Senegal; and One Deferred Decision on the Philippines

This is a joint posting with Casey Dunning

MCC CEO Daniel Yohannes kicked off yesterday’s public outreach session about the latest MCC board meeting with introductions of new leadership hires, details of his trip to Ghana and Cape Verde, the board’s decision to defer funding to the Philippines, and forthcoming impact evaluations. He also said the MCC would post a new “open government” plan on the website as part of President Obama’s effort for executive branch agencies to use new technology to share information and solicit public feedback.

COD Aid, Maternal Mortality, and the G-8—A Good Recipe?

This is a joint post with Katherine Douglas.

One of the exciting things about the Cash on Delivery Initiative is that once people understand the concept, they frequently come up with all kinds of new ideas for applying it. This happened most recently at the CGD-hosted book launch for Cash on Delivery: A New Approach to Aid this week. Within the course of an hour, the conversation shifted from skeptical questions to prospective applications of COD Aid. While the book outlines a proposal for channeling aid to countries that accelerate their progress toward accomplishing the Millennium Development Goal of universal primary completion, people have asked about applying it to water, deforestation, malaria and to another Millennium Development Goal: reducing maternal mortality.