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The Most Important 2009 Microfinance Post You Didn't Read

I tend toward curmudgeonry, as you might have noticed. And I don't spare new technologies of my skepticism even though I am a natural computer programmer. (Really, what was so bad about punch cards?) I don't have a smart phone, but am pleased with two features of my dumb phone: It can receive calls. And it can make them too.

High-tech Microfinance: The Business Case

A theme I have hardly blogged is what the business perspective teaches us about how microfinance does and can work. A few years ago ABN AMRO commissioned CGD to write a report on why some microfinance institutions (MFIs), including non-profits, manage to cover costs, attract capital, and grow to serve more people---in a phrase, to succeed as businesses. Chapter 5 of the book (draft due soon) is based on that paper. Having worked this seam already, I think about it less now.