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Is It Time to Change Malaria Treatment Policy? The Argument from a Resistance Perspective

with support from Alix Beith and Scott Kniaz.

I am finding it hard to choose a side on the recent malaria treatment policy debate. It is clear that current anti-malarial treatment policy -- which dictates that, in high-transmission settings, children under five that have a fever are given anti-malarials -- certainly not optimal. Children with fevers not caused by malaria may suffer side-effects from taking unnecessary anti-malarial drugs and are also not being treated for what ails them. Additionally, excessive use of anti-malarials is a driver of the emergence of drug-resistant strains of the malaria parasite, which can then be transmitted to the larger community.

Will People in Developing Countries Be Invisible in the Future of Statistical Computing?

In "The Future of Statistical Computing," Leland Wilkinson argues that technological advances are going to shape the future of statistical analysis more than most other factors. The article is a helpful overview of today's statistical analysis, let alone predicting the future, for someone who remembers doing his first statistical models in Gauss (does anyone else even remember that package?).

Got a Favorite CGD Research Output in 2008? Tell Eldis!

Eldis, the online aggregator of development policy, practice and research at the Institute of Development Studies in Sussex, is conducting a survey to identify "the most significant new piece of development research of 2008." This strikes me as having roughly the same statistical validity as American Idol does for when it comes to finding new singing talent. Still, as with Idol and other talent shows, the entertainment value of a popularity contest is hard to dispute!