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Hey Jack Lew, Are You Ready for Some Football?

This is a joint post with Sheila Herrling
Dear Coach Lew,
Congratulations on your new position as deputy secretary of state where we understand you will be responsible for mobilizing and managing diplomacy and development resources, and reinvigorating those two "D's" alongside defense in the administration's new smart power agenda. Because of your demanding new role, we realize you might not get to properly enjoy the Super Bowl festivities this weekend, so we thought we'd bring a little Super Bowl pre-game analysis to the task ahead of you and your team.

Upcoming World Bank Vote Threatens Future of Clean Tech Fund

This is a joint posting with Joel Meister.

Even as President Obama breaks new ground this week on U.S. environmental policy, an upcoming vote by country members of the World Bank’s Clean Technology Fund Trust Fund Committee may perpetuate business-as-usual policies that subsidize coal-fired power plants and contribute to global warming. On Friday morning, the committee is scheduled to consider and approve investment criteria that include coal-fired power projects among “clean” technologies that are eligible for billions in MDB financing.

Davos Dispatch #1

Davos does feel different this year. CEOs as a group, if I can generalize after less than one full day, are crowding into open sessions to hear the experts opine on the world economy and the financial crisis (large meeting halls are filled early and many would-be attendees are left out in the cold). In prior years they seem to have spent more time networking with each other in the corridors. The press has emphasized that the Davos stars this year will come from the political not the corporate or entertainment worlds. So it seems.

President Obama, the Gang of Ten, and Getting to Yes in Copenhagen

President Obama clearly wants to break with his predecessor on energy and climate policy. But the American political divide has not disappeared, and it still threatens to derail the Copenhagen climate negotiations next December. Three developments during the past week highlight both the promise and the peril: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's appointment of Todd Stern to be U.S.

Beyond Prices, Patents, and Logistics: A Deeper Look at the Challenges of Expanding Access to Life-Saving Medicines and Technologies in Developing Countries

Child health advocates point out that after more than 20 years, oral rehydration therapy use, which is cheap and could save millions of children, has plateaued at 38% coverage. See Bryce et al 2008 Lancet. Others draw attention to the "product pile up" - referring to the significant resources invested to develop products which could save lives and contain costs, like malaria Rapid Diagnostic Kits. But they don't get adopted by the providers.

Is It Time to Change Malaria Treatment Policy? The Argument from a Resistance Perspective

with support from Alix Beith and Scott Kniaz.

I am finding it hard to choose a side on the recent malaria treatment policy debate. It is clear that current anti-malarial treatment policy -- which dictates that, in high-transmission settings, children under five that have a fever are given anti-malarials -- certainly not optimal. Children with fevers not caused by malaria may suffer side-effects from taking unnecessary anti-malarial drugs and are also not being treated for what ails them. Additionally, excessive use of anti-malarials is a driver of the emergence of drug-resistant strains of the malaria parasite, which can then be transmitted to the larger community.

Will People in Developing Countries Be Invisible in the Future of Statistical Computing?

In "The Future of Statistical Computing," Leland Wilkinson argues that technological advances are going to shape the future of statistical analysis more than most other factors. The article is a helpful overview of today's statistical analysis, let alone predicting the future, for someone who remembers doing his first statistical models in Gauss (does anyone else even remember that package?).