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Changing the IP Debate

Intellectual property rights have been in the news quite a bit recently in light of the ongoing controversy over Novartis' pursuit of patent rights for its cancer drug Gleevec in India as well as Abbott's announcement that it will not register any new drugs in Thailand following the government's decision to iss

Immunization in the News

There have been several interesting articles on the vaccine front recently:

  • The U.S. State Department has devoted an entire issue of eJournalUSA to the subject of life-saving vaccines.
  • The Banker shares an analysis of the International Finance Facility for Immunization from the perspective of the financial and investment community.

CCTs and Health: Learning from Experience

Conditional cash transfer (CCT) programs have been implemented in many Latin American countries as strategies to reduce poverty and increase human capital. Rigorous impact evaluations often accompanying these interventions demonstrate their important potential to improve social welfare among poor families.

Beating the Market

The vaccine industry is looking healthier and happier than it has in years, according to The Economist, thanks to the combination of new science, new money and new recognition of the value of prevention. The advances in adjuvants - ingredients in vaccines that make the antigens go further and work better - and new ways to deliver vaccines without needles, such as nasal sprays mean that genuine innovations are hitting the market.

Combining Interventions to Prevent Malaria While Fighting Resistance

Last week, the New York Times reported on recent findings that the combination of one inexpensive antibiotic pill each day and sleeping under an insecticide-treated mosquito net can reduce the incidence of malaria by 97 percent in HIV-positive children in Uganda. If the results hold up to further analysis and critical review, this study can be understood as further support for the proposition that a combination of malaria interventions can do substantially better against malaria than any single intervention by itself.

Funding the Global Fund: Passing the $10B mark and Beyond

Perhaps as a build up to the Global Fund's second replenishment process, which is in full swing in Oslo this week, there has been quite a buzz about new money for the Global Fund moving its assets to over 10 billion dollars. Two weeks ago, the Global Fund announced that with its newly pledged historic contribution of US$724 million for FY07, the United States contributions and commitments now total at US$3 billion, which constitutes 29% of all paid in contributions and firm pledges. Japan has also stepped up to the plate with a recent contribution: