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WHO Takes One Step Forward, Two Steps Back on Malaria

Last week, my colleague April Harding blogged about the recent debates on the most effective strategies for increasing coverage of insecticide-treated nets. She took to task Dr. Arata Kochi, head of WHO's malaria program, for promoting free distribution campaigns rather than the multi-prong strategies recommended by his own organization, among others. Dr.

Combining Interventions to Prevent Malaria While Fighting Resistance

Last week, the New York Times reported on recent findings that the combination of one inexpensive antibiotic pill each day and sleeping under an insecticide-treated mosquito net can reduce the incidence of malaria by 97 percent in HIV-positive children in Uganda. If the results hold up to further analysis and critical review, this study can be understood as further support for the proposition that a combination of malaria interventions can do substantially better against malaria than any single intervention by itself.