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Malaria Eradication: Has the Time Come at Last?

Readers of The Economist were treated to a tantalizing prospect this past week: the possibility of eradicating malaria in the developing world (also featured in The Lancet). The piece presents this hope based on the prospect of developing a malaria vaccine, and the recent proposal of the biggest health program funder in the world - Bill Gates.

Achieving the Maternal Health MDG: Momentum is Building but Political Challenges Remain

Of all the Millennium Development Goals, progress on the maternal health goal may be the most disappointing. The target is to reduce by three-quarters between 1990 and 2015 the maternal mortality ratio - the number of deaths per 100,000 live births. A study published last week in The Lancet estimates 535,900 maternal deaths in 2005, only a slight decline since the launch twenty years ago of a Global Safe Motherhood Initiative.

Why Drug Resistance Makes Me Think About Global Warming

When I saw the headlines earlier this week about the toll of drug-resistant staph infection - Staph Fatalities May Exceed AIDS Deaths - I started thinking about global warming. This wasn't some anxiety-inducing exercise to tote up all the possible things that might wipe us off the planet, but rather a musing on how a big problem that's on the minds of scientists finally makes it onto the public policy agenda - and how important it is to make sure that the "rich world" orientation of both the scientific and the policy communities doesn't obscure the important "poor world" issues.

A Woodstock Moment for Malaria

Excuse me if I chuckle at the analogy between a 3-day meeting on malaria and Woodstock, or even the Oscars. I mean really, as one of my colleagues says, how could Woodstock measure up to malaria? There has been a certain amount of ceremony - starting with the stagey introductions that emanate from behind the tall curtains - and a rock-star build-up to the presence of Bill and Melinda Gates at the meeting this morning.

WHO Takes One Step Forward, Two Steps Back on Malaria

Last week, my colleague April Harding blogged about the recent debates on the most effective strategies for increasing coverage of insecticide-treated nets. She took to task Dr. Arata Kochi, head of WHO's malaria program, for promoting free distribution campaigns rather than the multi-prong strategies recommended by his own organization, among others. Dr.

Should All Vertical Programs Just Lie Down?

"Vertical" health programs are once again unfashionable, subject to a blistering set of critiques from all manner of experts - some of whom were instrumental, just a few short years ago, in promoting them.