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House Passes Farm Bill, Thumbs Its Nose at Poorest Trading Partners and WTO

For poor developing country farmers and their advocates, the farm bill that passed the House of Representatives on Friday could hardly be worse news. Dissatisfaction with existing farm legislation is widespread and, with commodity prices high, it seemed as though a real opportunity existed to both reform America's costly and inequitable farm policy and give the stalled Doha Round of trade negotiations a boost. But those hopes have been at least temporarily dashed.

Framing a Health Systems Movement?

On Thursday, Jeremy Shiffman joined Maurice Middleberg (Global Health Council), Anne Tinker (Saving Newborn Lives), and Rachel Nugent (Center for Global Development) at a standing-room only event at the Center to discuss a framework explaining why some health initiatives attract global political priority and others are unable to do so.

MCC Serious and Smart About Environmental and Social Impact

As more and more attention is put on implementation delays of Millennium Challenge Account compacts--including it being the principal reason for low Congressional budget allocations--here's an interesting model through which the MCA is trying to remove implementation constraints without sacrificing its principles of performance-based disbursement and adherence to institutional policies.