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Today's the Day: Marking Up the Millennium Challenge Account 2008 Budget

Today at 3:00, House appropriators are scheduled to mark-up the FY2008 State-Foreign Operations spending bill. Insiders expect the subcommittee will provide less funding than the president requested overall but significantly more for a program to combat AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. The Millennium Challenge Account is rumored to come in at $1.8 billion, a touch above last year's appropriation perhaps signaling a nod of continued support for the programt despite the subcommittee's concerns over low disbursement rates.

Remittances as "philanthropy": The worst development idea I've seen this year

The latest Hudson Institute "Index of Global Philanthropy" just came out. It makes a very important point: that the United States gives an enormous amount of private, voluntary cash assistance to people in developing countries, far in excess of its official aid. Indeed, it shows that Americans give more to poor countries via private channels -- as a fraction of national income -- than any other rich country.

Don't Homeland Securitize our Public Health Needs

Billions of dollars spent on tougher airline security and border protection proved incapable of stopping a globe-trotting tuberculosis patient from entering the U.S. last week, in large part because public-health issues haven't been treated as national-security issues, according to homeland security officials and experts.

Four Questions for Bob Zoellick

Robert ZoellickPresident Bush's nomination of Robert Zoellick to be the next president of the World Bank has been mostly well-received in U.S. policy circles and by some leading rich and developing countries.

Retiring the IMF Wage Bill Ceiling

A new report by Medicins sans Frontieres is among the latest to call on the IMF to drop wage bill ceilings with low-income countries. Alongside three other recommendations, MSF recommends that the IMF and ministries of finance drop wage bill ceilings given their distortionary and negative impact on the expansion of the health care workforce to combat HIV/AIDS.