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Bill Gates to Harvard Grads: Creative Capitalism Saves Lives

gates_then_now_0607.jpgBill Gates finally got a Harvard degree yesterday, about 30 years after he dropped out to go fritter away his time playing with computer code. He also got the chance to exhort this year's graduates to work toward the greater good, applying their education and talents to solving some of the toughest social and economic problems in the world.

Committing to Child Survival: What are the Priorities?

Americans are broadly supportive of the efforts to reduce the tragic toll of AIDS, in part because they know that many children are affected by the disease and children's health has always been one of the highest priorities voiced in public opinion polls. But the truth is that most children who die in the developing world aren't dying from AIDS. They are dying from the same preventable killers as have stalked them in the past such as diarrhea, pneumonia, and malaria.