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Fragile States and Climate Change: Things Fall Apart

**This post is co-authored with CGD senior fellow David Wheeler
Today's Washington Post column by David Ignatius finally inches popular understanding in the U.S. a bit further in the right direction on why climate change could be so costly to human society. It isn't just the direct costs of seawalls and more destructive hurricanes that climate change will bring. It's the risk that institutional arrangements to deal with those costs will not be resilient and will collapse under the resulting pressure--so that, as Chinua Achebe suggested about post-colonial West Africa, things do literally "fall apart".

Fighting Paralysis in the Polio Program

In the end, will the world-wide eradication of polio go down in the "grand success" or "dismal failure" side of the global health ledger book? That was the basic question faced by World Health Organization Director-General Margaret Chan and a host of polio experts at a conference held this week to review the international polio program's progress and problems.