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African Workshop on Performance-Based Financing for Health

The global health world is not short on meetings, but some look more enticing than others. One of particular interest is a workshop in Kigali, Rwanda, May 2-4, 2007, to train teams of African implementers and researchers to develop performance-based incentive schemes within their own health systems.

Faking a Cure

Yesterday's New York Times included a story on the growing problem of counterfeit medicine in developing countries, with a particular focus on the market for anti-malarials in Asia. In many cases, the counterfeit products not only fail to cure individual patients but actually make the problem worse by contributing to drug resistance and damaging public confidence in treatment:

Madame President

While most of us were taking a holiday yesterday, Molly Kinder, who previously worked as a program coordinator at CGD on Millions Saved, and is now a graduate student at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, sent the following reflections on Presidents' Day.
Yesterday the United States celebrated Presidents' Day, a holiday which rarely gives reason to pause, beyond perhaps the gratitude for a long weekend. This year, however, I did a double take. The image that Presidents' Day has long evoked in my head -- George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Ronald Reagan -- has recently undergone a makeover and now has a striking new feature: her gender.

Health Insurer to the Poor?

Awhile back, Christine Bowers over at the PSD blog commented on a trend in Mexico towards micro-insurance, noting that 2007 may be the Year of Micro-Insurance:

I think this could be the year that we wake up to the possibilities of microinsurance. Not only life insurance, but also health, crop, livestock and other insurance policies are a classic win-win for the poor and the companies who serve them. Microinsurance is every bit as powerful as microcredit.